Fall 2005 Blackbox Gallery Online by
Geof Huth

William James Austin today has announced the opening of his Blackbox gallery, a seasonal collection of various poetries. Of particular interest to me were the three visual poems of Cecil Touchon, which push the idea of the zeroglyphic cut-up in an interesting direction. In each of these, fragments of bold white letters are fused together upon a black background, creating a huge iceberg of text. See also the stately collages of Carlos Luis and the first of David Baptiste Chirot’s color rubBEings to get a public viewing. The fastest way to this gallery is to go to the Blackbox page and scroll to the bottom, but here’s Austin’s announcement as well:

The Fall Blackbox gallery is now available for viewing. As always, go to WilliamJamesAustin.com and follow the Blackbox link. Then take a stroll (scroll) through the galleries until you reach your destination.

This season's gallery boasts a bounty of various religions, uh, “styles.” On board are Gloria Mindock, Edgar Carlson, Carlos Luis, Mirela Roznoveanu (translated from the Romanian), david-baptiste chirot, Cecil Touchon, Anny Ballardini, Steve Dalachinsky, Jeff Harrison, Donna Kuhn, Sheila E. Murphy, John. M. Bennett, Vernon Frazer, Skip Fox, and Andrew Topel.




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